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Explore individual securities’s performance in Diversiview

Investment research is a critical part of the investment journey. While there is abundant information online and via different investment platform, Diversiview brings a different angle to investment research.

How to Explore an individual security in Diversiview

There will be 3 (three) different ways to explore an individual security from Diversiview:

  • From the main menu (coming soon)
  • From the order page, when you set up your analysis – described below, and
  • From the analysis page (coming soon)

Explore an individual security from the Order page

As you input your portfolio for analysis (either manually or via CSV upload), you can click on any of your securities listed in the right frame.

This will open up a new window where the following information will be available:

A) the 4 (four) major investment indicators for the security: expected return, volatility of returns, Beta and Sharpe ratio. Also, the price history for the security, for the past year.

B) The risk-return position for the security, and in comparison with up to 5 (five) other peers (same market cap category, from the same industry). Also, the Beta-Sharpe position for the security, and in comparison with up to 5 (five) other peers.

C) A list of up to 5 (five) peers with the highest return, and another list with up to 5 (five) peers with similar or lower volatility.

If the security you investigate is an ETF, Diversiview may also show a list of the Top 20 holdings for that ETF.

Check out the list of ETFs with individual holdings available for analysis in Diversiview.

We will update this article as we add new ways to explore individual securities in Diversiview – keep an eye on this space!


It’s free to explore investments in Diversiview – give it a try now!

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