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Special Offer for Sharesight Investor-Tech Conference LIVE23 attendees

20 free credit points and further discounts on points purchases in Diversiview

Thank you for attending the 2023 Sharesight Investor-Tech conference, and we hope you found our Diversiview presentation useful!

As a token of appreciation for your attendance, we would like to offer you 20 free credit points that you can use on any paid Diversiview feature, including:

  • calculate the asset allocation for Minimum Risk Portfolio
  • calculate the asset allocation for the Optimal Portfolio
  • calculate the asset allocation for a portfolio position on the Efficient Frontier
  • re-analyse the set of investments with your preferred expectations of return.

Simply create a free account using the link below, and the 20 free credit points will be automatically added to your balance.


(OFFER is available until Friday 15 September 2023)

If you are already a Diversiview user, thank you! and please contact us at hello@diversiview.online to request your 20 free credit points.


All users who take up the offer above before 31 August 2023 will be able to get a further 25% discount on any future points purchases in Diversiview. Contact us at hello@diversiview.online to get the discount code.


Please contact the team at hello@diversiview.online and we will be happy to help.

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