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What you get with Diversiview

Detailed performance indicators – for each individual security and also at portfolio level - so you can make an informed assessment.
expected portfolio RISK AND performance insights - compared with the entire market – so you know how much risk you take.


Insights into portfolio allocations that impact on the total portfolio risk – so you can consider alternatives.

Even More,

A Granular Diversification Diagram that shows the diversification at security level identify potential areas of concern consider diversification alternatives

Diversiview Even More

You’ll love to refine your portfolio and mitigate risks further..

(before you invest or at any stage during your investment journey)
Diversiview uses genetic algorithms and mathematical optimisation techniques to let you balance your portfolio and calculate the weights that achieve your desired target:
  • the minimum possible portfolio risk, or
  • the maximum possible expected portfolio return, or
  • a combination of both: the maximum return for minimum risk.
Portfolio Balancing
Disclaimer: The balancing provides scientific results based on the on Markowitz’ Efficient Frontier theory, using mathematical calculations and optimisation algorithms. While the results of the balancing are rigorously scientific and thoroughly tested from a mathematical perspective, we do not claim at any stage that the calculated weights are the best for your portfolio or for your personal circumstances. You should not take any action regarding changing the portfolio composition without doing further research and/or discussing with a finance professional. We accept no responsibility for any claim, loss or damage as a result of using the results.


* If you would like to use Diversiview for more analyses, please contact us.

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