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Diversiview is developed and run by LENSELL, a Fintech company based in Melbourne, Australia.

As a business, LENSELL has a mission to create a world where corporate performance is transparent & accessible. A world where more people can make better informed investment decisions with confidence and increased financial literacy.

The team at LENSELL is led by Dr Laura Rusu, who is passionate about using technology to find innovative solutions to challenging problems.

One such problem was the lack of easy access for self-directed investors and for small & medium advisory firms to cutting edge, yet affordable, investment portfolio planning and optimisation tools.

Diversiview is the first and only application that allows investors and investment advisors to efficiently analyse and optimise entire mixed portfolios of listed and unlisted securities (ASX & US), cash, and other asset classes, in minutes.
It provides access to professional-grade algorithms and models that have been so far inaccessible to the public.

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Make better informed decisions and increase your chances of greater returns on your investment portfolio

Diversiview is an easy-to-use application, designed to simplify wealth management and remove some of the investment stresses felt by professionals and everyday investors.

A huge time leveraging tool for financial advisors and accountants, Diversiview is proving to be a valuable aid in investment advisory work.

This simple but sophisticated investment planning platform is loaded with valuable information. It allows you to understand the risk/return position of your current investment portfolio and plan before you invest in anything else.

You stand to make more profits by gaining:

A better chance of mitigating risks AND

Improving the chances of expected returns.

We bridge the gap between trading and tracking

It’s not enough to buy into a great investment and then watch how it performs. Successful investing is more complex and we make it easy.

With Diversiview, investors can:

Plan truly diversified investment portfolios, to mitigate the risks and improve chances of expected returns.

Review their portfolio risks regularly, and benchmark their performance.

Refine their portfolio and optimise it regularly towards a desired goal.

What you get with Diversiview:

Ability to calculate critical portfolio indicators including total portfolio risk and portfolio expected return, portfolio Alpha, portfolio Beta and Sharpe ratio - in seconds.

See where your portfolio is placed from a risk-return perspective. Are you happy with the return you get for the risk you’re prepared to take, or can you do better?

Ability to optimise your asset allocation for the set of investments, to increase your chances of higher returns.

Find portfolio positions that maximise the expected return for the level of risk taken.

Validate your diversification across investment types and geographies, to reduce your risk exposure.

See how correlated all pairs of investments in your portfolio - at granular, investment level.

Ability to explore alternative and viable investments with easy-to-use performance filters.

Discover potentially rewarding investments in other markets.

Backtest your asset allocation strategy for confidence and peace of mind.

See how your choice of asset allocation would have performed over the past year. Compare with other options.

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