Make better informed decisions and increase your chances of greater returns on your investment portfolio

LENSELL has a mission to create a world where corporate performance is transparent & accessible. A world where more people can make better informed decisions with confidence and increased financial literacy.
Diversiview® by LENSELL is the #1 AI-based Portfolio Optimisation tool that enables investors to plan risk-informed, tailored investment portfolios with confidence, before they invest. Moreover, investors can review and refine the health of their portfolios at any time during their investment journey.
This easy-to-use resource was created and designed to simplify diversification and remove some of the investment stresses felt by professionals and everyday investors.
A huge time leveraging tool for financial advisors and accountants, Diversiview is proving to be a valuable aid in investment advisory work.

How Does Diversiview Work?

This simple but sophisticated investment planning platform is loaded with valuable information.
It allows you to understand the risk/return position of your current investment portfolio and plan before you invest in anything else.
You stand to make more profits by gaining:
  • A better chance of mitigating risks AND
  • Improving the chances of expected returns
Diversiview allows you to plan, review and refine your portfolio asset allocation.
With Diversiview, investors can:
  • Plan diversified investment portfolios to mitigate the risks and improve chances of expected returns
  • Review their portfolio risks regularly, and benchmark the performance to the market
  • Refine the portfolio and rebalance towards a desired goal

What you get with Diversiview

Detailed performance indicators – for each individual security and also at portfolio level - so you can make an informed assessment.
expected portfolio RISK AND performance insights - compared with the entire market – so you know how much risk you take.
Diversiview gives insight on portfolio asset allocation that determine total portfolio risk
Insights into portfolio allocations that impact on the total portfolio risk – so you can consider alternatives.

A Granular Diversification Diagram that shows the diversification at security level identify potential areas of concern consider diversification alternatives

Diversiview Even More
Diversiview uses AI genetic algorithms and mathematical optimisation techniques to let you balance your portfolio and calculate the asset allocation that achieve your desired target:
  • Minimum Variance Portfolio (MVP) – the portfolio position with minimum risk
  • Optimal Portfolio (OP) – the portfolio position that maximises the expected return for the minimum possible risk
  • Efficient Frontier (EF) – portfolio positions that give the maximum expected return for a given level of risk
Diversiview allows investors to calculate asset allocations for efficient portfolio positions
A simple decision could mean the difference of a nice return with your existing portfolio or an outstanding return by looking into the future of possibilities.


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