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We’ve developed Diversiview to make investment planning and wealth management easier for everyone.

Our core analytics software is free. You only pay for some add-ons that are entirely optional.

With Diversiview, you can:

Analyse unlimited portfolios

  • include any ASX listed security (stocks, ETFs, MF, bonds)
  • include any of the top 1000 US listed stocks by market cap (NASDAQ and NYSE)
  • include cash, investment property or term deposits

Use the Diversiview Stock Screener to filter investments for expected return and volatility

Check out critical portfolio performance indicators (portfolio expected return, portfolio risk/volatility, portfolio Alpha, portfolio Beta and portfolio Sharpe ratio)

See what the portfolio performance indicators would be with an optimised asset allocation.

View the performance graph for the past year, for the given asset allocation. Compare with how your portfolio would have performed with an optimal or an equal asset allocation.

View your portfolio’s risk-return position, for the given asset allocation. Compare with thousands of other potential positions that may have better expected returns at a lower risk.

View the correlations between your individual investments, with the unique interactive Granular Diversification Diagram.

Access the history of your previous analyses, up to 3 years.

Get access to news and prices for major stocks, crypto and forex.

Add-ons that boost the benefits of using Diversiview:

Calculate the asset allocation for the Minimum Risk Portfolio. Use your preferred weighting constraints.

Calculate the asset allocation for the Optimal Portfolio. Use your preferred weighting constraints.

Re-analyse the portfolio with your preferred expected returns instead of the Diversiview calculated ones.

Calculate the asset allocation for efficient portfolio positions, on the Efficient Frontier (to maximise the return for a given level of risk).

Set up portfolio Volatility alerts so you know when your portfolio becomes too risky.

Diversiview add-ons are paid with credits. You can top up manually as you need credits, or set up an automatic top up. This way you always have enough credits without having to constantly check your credit balance.

Add-on costs are between 5 and 20 credit points depending on the complexity of the add-on. Each cost is advised prior to running the add-on.

Diversiview credits are not refundable. However, they can be transferred to another user of your choice. Contact us to enquire.


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