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Turn your network into an income stream

Are you passionate about investing?

Earn up to 50% commission for each Diversiview credit points package or subscription that your friends, family or followers purchase.

Diversiview is the world’s leading Portfolio Analysis and Optimisation Software for self-directed investors, helping them to run comprehensive analyses of their portfolios, and to optimise the asset allocation to reach a set risk-return goal.

Diversiview is analytics software, it does not give financial advice.


Who can apply to become a Diversiview affiliate?

In short, anyone with an interest in smart investing.

We believe that all investors should be well informed when they invest, and go beyond the fluff and information overload they find in the media. They need to be able to know “how” to invest their money so they can get the best returns, not only in “what” to invest.

Knowledge is power, and you can help your friends, family, network or followers make better-informed decisions. They can analyse portfolios containing:

  • any ASX listed security (stocks, ETFs, bonds, etc)
  • any of the top 3000 US listed securities (NASDAQ & NYSE), by market cap
  • any of the top 3000 BSE listed securities (Bombay Stock Exchange), by market cap
  • unlisted investment funds
  • custom investments (cash, term deposits, investment property)
  • coming soon – NSE (National Stock Exchange of India)

It’s very easy to apply:

  1. Fill in a short application form. We will get back to you in max 2 business days to share more details on the program.
  2. Share your affiliate link with your followers. The more you share, more commission you make.
  3. Receive up to 50% commission for every new credit points package or subscription purchased by the users you refer, for the first 12 months.
  4. Receive excellent commissions for every new credit points package or subscription purchased by the users you refer, beyond the first 12 months.

This is the most generous affiliate program on the market, so don’t wait – turn your influence into a revenue stream.

What you get from becoming a Diversiview affiliate:

–> up to 50% commission on the first year revenue. Exact commission will be negotiated based on the network you can reach.

–> Excellent % commissions if you continue beyond the first year.

–> 20 free points credited to each of your referred users.

–> Receive a detailed affiliate report at the end of each month.

–> Receive commission payments every month through bank transfer (min monthly threshold AUD$100).

Any questions?

Submit the application form and we will get back to you to discuss.

Try Diversiview today. Do better, get more from your investment portfolio.